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Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky of Omega Physical Therapy, located in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, New York, helps patients suffering from knee pain using the most advanced approaches. These include exercise and hands-on techniques to help resolve symptoms while promoting joint strength and improving joint function.


What are the common causes of knee pain and stiffness?

Your knees are subjected to considerable stress and strain all day long, supporting the weight of your body while remaining flexible enough to enable you to walk, sit and perform many other activities. As we age, repeated bending and extending can take a toll on joints, causing degenerative changes like osteoarthritis that can result in pain, inflammation and stiffness. Some knee pain can be caused by injuries to the knee joint, including strains and sprains of tendons and ligaments and injuries to the knee cap. Lower back pain can also cause pain in and around the knees, as can wearing shoes that don't fit properly, repetitive use such as squatting and lifting, injuries from falls and car accidents, and even being overweight.

How can physical therapy help relieve my knee pain symptoms?

Physical therapy begins by considering the cause of your knee pain – did you fall? Were you in a car accident? Is it from overuse, heavy lifting or arthritis? - and then customizing your therapy plan to address the cause as well as the symptoms for long-term relief and prevention of future injuries. Therapy can include exercises and stretching techniques to promote circulation and to strengthen tissues and improve flexibility and range of motion. You'll also receive guidance on how to avoid injury in the future, and you may be provided with simple exercises you can perform even after your therapy is complete to help promote healthy knee joints.

Why is physical therapy used following knee replacement surgery?

Physical therapy plays an especially important role following knee replacement surgery to help your body adjust to the new joint and to help the new joint “learn” how to function. Therapy also helps strengthen the muscles and other soft tissues around the new joint for better stability and comfort.


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