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At Omega Physical Therapy, Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky uses cutting-edge techniques to treat neck pain in patients throughout the Bensonhurst area in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Shestakovsky helps to relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness while restoring range of motion and flexibility.


What are the common causes of pain and stiffness in the neck?

Neck pain and stiffness can arise from many sources, including injuries from car accidents, work-related accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and sports accidents. Whiplash from motor vehicle accidents is one of the primary causes of neck pain and immobility. Diseases and conditions like osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and herniated discs can also cause neck pain, and poor posture and work habits can also play a role.

How does physical therapy help relieve neck pain and stiffness?

Physical therapy works by targeting the specific cause of painful symptoms, beginning with an in-depth exam and evaluation to determine the best course of therapy. Techniques like therapeutic exercises, stretching and hands-on methods can help relieve inflammation, restore the normal alignment of the spine, and strengthen muscles and other soft tissues to provide support to the neck to avoid future injury. Physical therapy also helps stimulate healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage so healing can occur more quickly.

How can I prevent neck pain from occurring in the first place?

Your neck is tasked with supporting the weight of your head – about 10 to 11 pounds – for all your waking hours. To help avoid pain, it's important to practice good posture and to provide proper support when sitting for long periods of time and when sleeping. Sitting and standing straight keeps your spine properly aligned and also reduces muscle stress and strain. You should also try to avoid carrying heavy loads, especially overloaded bags that place an uneven strain on your muscles. Finally, once therapy is over, be sure to follow any guidance regarding exercises and stretches you can perform on your own to keep your neck as healthy and pain-free as possible.

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