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Helping people recover from injuries is just part of what Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky of Omega Physical Therapy does. As a leading provider of therapy in Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, NY, Omega also provide post-surgery rehab services to help patients regain strength and heal more quickly following surgery.
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How does physical therapy help with rehabilitation following surgery?

Physical therapy is best known as a treatment that's used following a physical injury or disease. But the fact is, it can also play an important role during recovery and healing after all sorts of surgeries. In addition to helping muscles, joints and soft tissues return to normal function, the techniques used in physical therapy also help promote circulation, which plays a major role in the healing cycle. By relieving inflammation and irritation associated with surgery, patients can experience less pain during recovery. Plus, by encouraging motion, patients can avoid issues that develop when they're bedridden or otherwise immobilized following a surgical procedure. And finally, therapy is a good way to get patients engaged in the healing process, avoiding the stress and frustration that can often set in during post-surgical recovery.

What kinds of therapy are used to promote healing after surgery?

The types of therapeutic exercises and activities will vary from patient to patient, depending on the type of surgery, the patient's ability to tolerate exercise, the patient's overall health and other factors. In general, therapy may include:

  • exercises to keep muscles and other soft tissues from developing painful scar tissue or otherwise atrophying or weakening

  • stretching techniques to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • activities to help improve range of motion, strength and flexibility

Is post-surgery rehabilitation only for surgeries affecting the musculoskeletal system?

No, physical therapy can be beneficial following just about any type of surgery. Each therapy program will be customized to the needs and abilities of the patient with frequent re-evaluations to ensure progress is being made and to avoid any type of stress or strain. If you're planning to have surgery, ask your surgeon if physical therapy could help you recover more quickly and more comfortably.

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