As a professional musician, playing and practicing piano regularly had caused me serious pain and some immobility in my neck and shoulders. When I first visited Dmitry, my neck mobility was around 40%. After a series of visits I am now near 90%, which is close to perfect. Dmitry takes great care in explaining the techniques he employs to get the relief needed to feel great. This is a direct and straightforward approach to relieving the pain and pressure preventing me from being able to fully enjoy my work and life in general. Dmitry has also shown me techniques and practices to do at home that keeps me maintained. I recommend Dmitry without hesitation.

Lenny A.

I have very server lower back problems for years from a job related fall. I am a lung cancer survivor with limited breathing ability. I’m am not a good candidate for surgery. Also have heart ailments,arthritis etc,etc, I have been seeing Demitry for many years. His treatments have helped me the most in many aspects of my on an off problems. He is excellent at what he does. So much so that sometimes I don’t have to return for a few years. As I’m aging my problems have started up again. Recently had some flare ups which my rumatogist nor pain management gave me any relief. A visit back to Dimitry an I’m improving tremendously. I can’t say enough about him. Truly an artist in his field.

Linda G.

I was experiencing terrible neck pain for several weeks and came across Omega Physical Therapy on the internet. I was simply amazed by Dr. Shestakovsky techniques as he used some osteopathic manipulation to set my neck straight. I am pain free after just 4 visits. I am so grateful to Omega PT that I can finally wake up in the morning and have no pain.

Oksana P.

I am very pleased with the therapy I received from Dr. Shestakovsky. I am completely at ease with his approach to treating my physical condition. I feel confident that my quality of life will be restored under his expertise. Thanks

Louis P.